Effective use of cannabis to get the results you want. This is my goal.

This hasn’t always been my career path. My cannabis story isn’t dramatic in any way. I’ve never been into drugs or much of a drinker, due to alcoholism in my family.

I tried cannabis a few times as a teenager, but it didn’t do anything for me.

A few years after medical mj became legal in California, a friend’s friend had a little party for about 4 of us. She was in a wheelchair having lost both her legs to that flesh-eating disease, and had a medical mj card. She had joints, edibles, candy out for us to try. Of course, being a newbie, I just started eating and then was like “I don’t feel anything, I guess I should eat more!” My friend Jennifer did the same.

Well, what should have been a 2-3 party turned into a 12 hour couch-lock! I couldn’t move, and my friend became super paranoid. It was funny watching her, though she wasn’t having any fun. Her gf was trying to calm her down, but to no avail. That was it for me and cannabis!

About 10 years later someone recommended it for my insomnia which I’ve had for years. Sleeping pills didn’t help, or I didn’t like the side effects, and then my doctor wanted to try Ambien. I said no, because I’d heard about the sleep walking, and since I was living alone, I was afraid I’d fall down the stairs and break my neck! So I figured I had nothing left to lose with cannabis. I went and got a card and got started. It took me quite awhile to figure out how to use it, best method, best strains, etc.

At the same time I noticed that my (lifelong) depression seemed to lift. Since I was on anti-depressants, I didn’t connect my mood/feelings to the cannabis. Now, looking back, I think it was definitely the cannabis.

I became curious and read more. I “discovered” the website Wake and Bake, and decided I wanted to make things and learn more. And as I learned more, I wanted to share it with people.

Looking back, I wish I’d known about cannabis as a tool to combat depression, something I’ve had my whole life. I’ve been on so many different anti-depressants, some with less-than-pleasant side effects. I also had to get over the fear of becoming addicted, because of the rampant alcoholism in my family. It certainly would have been nice to have someone guide me.

So here I am!

My training and certifications:

Cannabis Coaching Institute


Green Flower

California Healing Institute