Sana, Sana                                                     Heal, heal

colita de rana                                                little frog tail

si no sanas hoy,                                            if you don’t heal today,

sanarás mañana.                                         you’ll heal tomorrow.

This is a rhyme Spanish-speaking adults say when little children have an “owie.” I chose this as the name of my business because I think the child’s rhyme goes well the idea of the healing properties of cannabis; plus it’s really cute and brings back fond memories.

Welcome to Sana Sana Cannabis Coaching.

I’m Laura, a certified cannabis coach, educator, and believer in the healing properties of cannabis. I want to share my passion and knowledge with those who are new to this magical plant or, in need of guidance on how to effectively use cannabis.

The main way I do this is through education and coaching. I offer an intensive one-on-one 12-week program, or a 4-week crash course. I’m also currently holding workshops on the second Thursday of the month at Sonoma County Healing Academy, where I cover various topics relating to cannabis. Check out the upcoming class here.  If you’d like to host a presentation for a specific group, I can customize it to your event. I can also accompany you to a dispensary and show you the ropes.

But always, my main goal is to help people understand cannabis as an important wellness tool.


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